About Us

  • www.ictclasses.com is a gateway for Students to broaden up the knowledge of ICT learning to gain “A” Pass for G.C.E O/L and G.C.E A/L examinations held by the Ministry of Examination. 

    www.ictclasses.com always focuses on two types of Student Groups

    1.    Students who participates my ICT tuition classes conducts at my premises
    2.    Students who does not participate my ICT tuition classes

    What will deliver to both Student Groups?

    Student Group 1

    • ICT O/L, ICT A/L Syllabuses and Teacher Instruction Manuals
    • Unit wise Past Paper Question 
    • 8 Model Papers for O/L ICT Students
    • 5 Model Papers for A/L ICT Students
    • Practical Lessons
    • Specially prepared Lesson Notes for each unit

    I trust this is the easiest way to gain lots of knowledge in a very small amount of time within the two or three hours of time in the class. Before participating to the class, students can download any leaning material which I upload to each day. Then students get more time to practice writing techniques and methods based on the marking guideline. This is pre-preparation to go to a “A” Pass in your exam.

    Student Group 2

    • ICT O/L, ICT A/L Syllabuses and Teacher Instruction Manuals
    • Past Papers from 2007 – 2014
    • Model Papers
    • Lesson Notes

    I have over 10+ years of teaching experience, by working in government leading national schools as an ICT Teacher.