• Data & Information

    1.    In a hospital they have patient information for past 10 years and they want to find how many dengue patients came each year. 
    i.    Write a software which can be used to complete the above task and explain why you select it. 
    ii.    Write down 2 data and 2 information which was use in above situation.
    iii.    Explain an activity which can take to secure the information of above findings 
    iv.    If the number of dengue patients were recorded as 230 per year for the past 10 years, how it will be represented in computer processor?


    2.    There are lots of instruments in the media unit of Kolonnawa Balika Vidyalaya. There are same types of instruments among them too. At several occasions, students have permission to carry away them under permission of the teacher Mr. Chandika.
    a.    Explain the different between data and information using the scenario given above.
    b.    Name 2 data and information belongs to this situation
    c.    You have assigned following jobs for the media day of the above school
    i.    Creating a budget report 
    ii.    Preparing invitation cards
    iii.    Conducting a speech on work of the media unit in 2010
    Name one suitable application software for each job
    d.    For each application explain one reason for why you select that particular software for that job


    3.    “Rankiri” a company that exports latex products with rubber collected from small scale rubber land holders of the area. The company uses 10 computers to issue detail bills for their customers. The bill contains amount of latex collected, its specific gravity and price per kilo of rubber. The price per kilo of rubber is daily updated through internet. The price per kilo of rubber depends on the Colombo rubber auction and the quality of rubber.
    a.    Identify and write quantitative data in the detail bill.
    b.    Write “information “ obtainable from the above description
    c.    The owner of the company wants to set-up a computer network in order to develop the company.
    i.    Write two advantages of installing a computer network.
    ii.    Name a device to connect this network to the internet
    iii.    Suggest a type of network suitable for this company.


    4.    Assume that you have been assigned to make a project to build a computer lab by a college principal. Lists of equipment given to you are mentioned below.
    a) 10 Computers           b) Printer
    * You can request any type of communication media as you like.  

    Draw the network diagram which can be included to meet the requirement of the principal.
    i.    Write a communication media which you are planned to use. Explain the major reason why you select this media type.
    ii.    Explain 2 activities which should be done to secure the data and information in a computer


    5.    A school library  has 3 computers. The teacher in-charge of that library wants to coordinate all the tasks of 3 computers in one place.
    i.    Write in brief, what you do to build that facility in the library as an ICT student.
    ii.    Then name 2 necessary devices for that
    iii.    Write one reason for each selected device in above question
    v.    Explain 2 possible benefits to the library by achieving the above librarian need.

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