• Data Validation Methods

    What are the Data Validation Methods?

    • Type check
    • Range check
    • Presence check 

    What is Type check?
    Type check will ensure that the correct type of data is entered into that field.

    Ex When entering marks to the data entry form, it is expected to that data is between 1 to 100 number. So the number/integer data type is suitable for this purpose. By setting the data type as number/integer, only numbers could be entered. Then anybody would prevent anyone trying to enter text data such as “seventy”, “seventy five”

    What is Range check?
    Range check will ensure that data is entered within the specified range.
    Ex: check to see, is a date in August between 1 and 31? Age>=1 and Age<=31
        The maximum price of an item in a shop is Rs. 100 – then we should check item_price<=100 ?

    What is Presence check?
    Presence check will ensure that the criticle field can’t be left blank, it must be a value in it. If someone tries to leave the field blank, then an error message should be appeared.

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