• Contents  – Grade 10
    1. Investigates the place of the computer in the world of information.
    2. Selects and uses computer hardware.
    3. Investigates the methods used to represent data in computer systems.
    4. Uses Boolean logic to work effectively with logic gates
    5. Works effectively with Operating Systems
    6. Uses Wordprocessing Software to Solve Day-to-day problems
    7. Uses Spreadsheet to solve simple statistical problems
    8. Uses Presentation software to develop electronic presentations.
    9. Develops simple databases to elicit information.
    Contents  – Grade 11

    10. Writes programs to solve problems 
    11. Explores the Systems Development Life Cycle of information system development.
    12. Uses the Internet for information search and communication effectively.
    13. Develops Multimedia contents to express ideas effectively.
    14. Develops websites incorporating multimedia technology.
    15. Compares and contrasts benefits and issues related to ICT in society